Mobile Devices Increase Security Risks

The rapid proliferation of corporate and personal mobile devices has exposed enterprises to evolving security risks. The use of mobile devices including smart phones and tablets is gaining acceptance and momentum as the primary communication method for improving productivity, expediting decision making, and accelerating problem resolution. Personal mobile devices with potentially unknown security postures can be connected to supporting cloud and PC-based corporate services. These mobile devices introduce challenges for Security leaders as some data on personal devices is not managed by the enterprise’s existing policies for data loss prevention, compliance, and security.

Mobile devices increase exposure to malware, spyware and phishing attacks. Jailbreaking, rooting, and unblocking mobile devices can open corporations to exploits, making them more prone to attacks, delaying application testing, complicating application user support, and voiding device warranties. The lack of a systematic and efficient process for mobile device patch management increases the risk of an attack.

Corporations must consider support factors beyond email, contact management, and calendaring including:

  • Access to enterprise applications and corporate data
  • Application development for mobile devices
  • Self-service and mobile device management

OpenSky Helps Improve Your Security Posture

OpenSky assists organizations in providing greater control and risk management of mobile devices to protect corporate data and reduce costs. OpenSky services include:

  • Providing a mobile device security assessment of devices that access your organization’s network and infrastructure
  • Ensuring that your organization has the industry standards, leading practices, and secure technical configurations in place to support the mobile device environment
  • Assessing your organization’s compliance to mobile device security policies, standards, and procedures
  • Assessing the ability to develop, deploy, contain, and further manage internal or third-party applications in a secure, risk-based manner