Are Your Applications Secure?

The process of application development, if not done properly, can introduce vulnerabilities into applications that can threaten long-term efficacy and reliability of the application and the security of business assets.

OpenSky performs application security assessments in all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), from development and quality assurance through deployment, maintenance, and auditing of web and mobile applications.

OpenSky’s patented approach to Application Security Assessments, as part of the Software Center of Excellence, goes beyond the identification process and focuses on people, processes, and technology. We provide insight into the security weaknesses and vulnerabilities identified and specific business risks.  With OpenSky’s Software Risk Framework, we provide practical recommendations for remediation, SDLC integration, training, and best practices.

  • Mobile Application Assessments include technical testing, review of architectural documents, and detailed, custom remediation recommendations
  • Web Application Security Assessment based on the OWASP Testing Framework.
  • SDLC Assessments and Implementation provides a comprehensive review of the current state of application development with close attention to security controls and procedures, provides detailed gap analysis and roadmap for improvements.
  • Third Party Risk Assessment reviews processes related to acquisition, implementation and remediation of third party components and evaluates  the security threats that third party applications may pose.

Benefits of OpenSky Application Security Services

OpenSky’s Application Security Assessments help companies exceed commercial and regulatory compliance requirements (e.g., PCI DSS and DIACAP) for application development by seamlessly building a process and methodology for vulnerability identification, prioritization, and remediation into your SDLC.

Application vulnerability identification and remediation improves your company’ssecurity posture and reduces risk of loss from insecure applications.