Understanding Cyber Business Risk

An Introduction for Business Leaders

Authored by Nigel Stanley

Cyber Business Risk, Cyber RiskAs businesses adopt an ever-increasing online presence coupled with social media, e-commerce, and smart devices, criminals and bad guys have realised there are richer pickings online than there ever were in the world of physical crime. Indeed we have a perfect storm of technology proliferation, intense economic pressures, a changed business environment and a younger generation coming to work with an “always on” mentality. All of these factors combine to create more opportunities for hackers.

Key to understanding cyber business risk is knowing the basic measures that make up a strategy to deal with the problem. Governance is vital as it provides executive leadership to resolve the problem that is then assessed, measured and understood in relation to organizational objectives. A program can then be put in place to reduce cyber business risk making use of policies, technical controls, and end-user education.

This paper will help the reader understand:

  • the key elements of cyber business risk
  • how these elements may be addressed
  • the reality of the situation
  • a pathway to take action, today, to reduce this risk

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Nigel Stanley Nigel_Stanley_OpenSky_Cybersecurity

National Practice Director of Cybersecurity

Nigel, MSc (Lond.) CEng MIET MBCS MIEEE, is specialist in information cyber security and business risk. His more than 25 years experience in the IT industry has given him in-depth knowledge of: cyber security, information security, business risk, data breach incident response, digital forensics,  business continuity, cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, mobile device security, BYOD, smartphone security, application development, software development, systems engineering and cyber insurance.