Cyber Security Trends 2016

Market trends from leading security analysts and consultants at TÜV Rheinland, OpenSky, and OpenSky UK.

What do new technologies and the ever increasing cyber threat hold in store for business and the public sector in 2016? How should organizations be preparing themselves? What should IT security leaders be doing as a priority in the coming year? These are the questions we asked our leading security analysts and consultants at OpenSky to tackle.

This whitepaper discusses 9 trends that IT security leaders must consider when tackling possible cyber threats against their organizations in 2016. 

Considerations for Implementing a Next-Gen Incident Response Process

Authored by John McDonald

Security incident management can no longer be the sole domain of a single technical team, but needs to incorporate resources from across the organization in order to effectively manage the risk such incidents represent.

This whitepaper provides an overview of how organizations will need to approach incident response and management in the face of an ever-growing number of attacks and penetrations.


Threat Centric Identity and Access Management

Authored by Rakesh Radhakrishnan and Mark Coderre

Conventional security architecture took advantage of ingress and egress points on a fairly well defined set of enterprise perimeters. Various cloud patterns (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) have disrupted the perimeter and in some cases (such as native mobile to SaaS) totally bypassed it. 

This whitepaper presents a new concept for Threat Centric IAM to address the need to enhance security measures with a threat intelligence approach. 


The Hidden Challenges of Public Cloud and SaaS Integration

Authored by Brian Molinari, OpenSky Infrastructure Practice Director

Reliance on cloud computing and other as-a-service solutions has revolutionized the scalability, cost-efficiency, and agility of IT environments, leading to impressive results in employee productivity, budgetary expenses, and product or service delivery.

In reality, there are dozens of considerations, challenges and concerns that IT teams must address in order to take a business to the cloud. This whitepaper discusses


Healthcare Cybersecurity Themes 2015 … And What To Do About Them

Authored by Mark Coderre, OpenSky Security Services Practice Director and former Executive Director of Security Strategy and Risk Management at Aetna.

This Whitepaper discusses the unique cybersecurity challenges that stem from healthcare’s particular characteristics, such as:

  • Incredibly sensitive and complete personal information
  • Unique Threat motives and IT assets
  • A complex identity ecosystem
  • De-identification of Research and Analytics

Understanding Cyber Business Risk… An Introduction for Business Leaders

By Nigel Stanley, OpenSky UK Cyber Security Practice Director with over 25 years of experience

As businesses adopt an ever increasing online presence coupled with social media, e- commerce, and smart devices, criminals and bad guys have realised there are richer pickings online than there ever were in the world of physical crime.

Key to understanding cyber business risk is knowing the basic measures that make up a strategy to deal with the problem.

This paper will help the reader understand:

  • the key elements of cyber business risk
  • how these elements may be addressed
  • the reality of the situation
  • a pathway to take action, today, to reduce this risk

Comply with FDA Medical Device Security Guidelines and Protect Patient Information

The growth of data networking technology employed by hospitals to transport data throughout their facilities has dramatically improved the quality of care for patients.

However, this advancement in data sharing brings with it additional risks—primarily, the theft of sensitive patient information and the potential malfunction of devices as a result of system or network hacking.

This whitepaper discusses how you can better protect patients and comply with FDA guidelines that recommend that manufacturers of medical devices provide evidence that they have included cyber security in their risk analysis and management plans.

Cybersecurity Trends 2015

“The continued proliferation of sophisticated cyber attacks at every level of the supply chain is of major international concern,” said Olaf Siemens, Global Vice President of Information Security at TÜV Rheinland.  At the same time, consumers are rapidly increasing opportunities for attack with demand for connection to the Internet of Things.”  These are just a few examples of trends that underlie the global security landscape and will drive consumer and business decisions in 2015.

This outlook is the result of a review of current market trends from the perspective of leading security analysts and consultants at TÜV Rheinland, OpenSky, and OpenSky UK.

Increase Data Center Capacity, Resiliency, and Virtualization Capabilities with Cisco Nexus Series of Switches

Companies require data center solutions that enable them to capitalize on new technologies, gain efficiencies, reduce costs and extend the life of their investments. Historically, IT managers directed a significant portion of their budget to pay for idle backup links, enhancing reliability but failing to simultaneously increase bandwidth. Companies can now take advantage of new technologies to gain value from previously unused backup links, making better use of existing footprints while both increasing network capacity and enhancing reliability.