How can a robust cyber security program protect my organization and its customers?

How can a security breach affect my organization’s bottom line?

What if we don’t have a risk framework or controls – isn’t it too costly to implement?

How can my organization benefit from implementing an operational cyber risk model?

Answer these questions and more at the New Generation Operational Risk: Europe Summit on March 14th and 15th in London. Explore the diverse risk-associated challenges facing organizations in an era when operational risk is growing rather than shrinking. Network with senior operational risk experts to gain invaluable insights into operational risk topics and how they affect your organization and it’s bottom-line.

Please join award winning GRC and Cyber Security experts from OpenSky and RSA to explore diverse issues in operational risk ranging from compliance to enterprise risk management. Cyber Security expert Nigel Stanley, Practice Director with OpenSky, will offer advice from the frontlines regarding Cyber Security and Business Risk, and how these issues drive business decisions. Topics will include:

  • Cyber security – what is all the fuss about? Should I be bothered?
  • How cyber security issues can impact the bottom line
  • Regulatory risk and the GDPR elephant in the room
  • Building a cyber operational risk model
  • 5 practical next steps to manage cyber security risk

Join Nigel Stanley and OpenSky at the 3rd Annual New Generational Risk Conference 2017 to gain a clearer view of risk as a function, operational risk frameworks and controls, and risk driven business decisions.

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