OpenSky is pleased to share the release of our new whitepaper: “The Hidden Challenges of Public Cloud and SaaS Integration.”

Many executives assume that cloud adoption is a simple process, moving workflows can be done with ease and security in the cloud is the same as on-premise. In reality, there are dozens of considerations, challenges, and concerns that IT teams must address in order to take a business to the cloud.

This whitepaper, by Brian Molinari, discusses:

  • Cloud Security – answering the question: “who controls the data?”
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) – how social, mobile, analytic, and cloud technologies expanded the need for new controls and protocols, including authentication
  • Technical Integration – how to manage integration points between on-premise and off-premise elements and cloud services
  • Build Challenges – moving beyond industry-established techniques for standardizing and provisioning cloud-based environments
  • Operations – handling the transition to the new day-to-day demands of supporting cloud services by building cohesive teams
  • Cloud Maturity – how to address the relatively low maturity of technologies that underlie cloud computing
  • Lighting the Shadows of Clouds – the importance of a clear understanding of the complexity of the public cloud

You can download the whitepaper here. We hope you gain a better understanding of how upfront planning can help your company achieve successful public cloud integration.


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