Following a well-established project delivery methodology helps ensure that OpenSky clients experience the maximum business value from their engagement. Our Engagement Methodology starts well before we begin our engagement. Beginning with clear business requirements and a confirmed project definition, OpenSky’s engagement managers confirm at every juncture that our clients’ goals are being achieved.

OpenSky provides exceptional IT consulting service in a business model that ensures high quality deliverables and results at an appropriate cost to your organization.

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OpenSky understands the integration and inter-dependency across an IT infrastructure and have focused expertise to Plan, Design, Migrate, Secure, and Manage complex environments.

Proven methodologies ensure a focused, consistent, project-based approach on every engagement.

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OpenSky’s proven methodology builds from the basis of clearly understanding the client and project needs. We focus on the development of clear, clean requirements for a detailed statement of work to ensure the project is focused and accurately aligned. Our expert sourcing model matches the best resources to the requirements of the projects. Resources provide specific technical and vertical expertise necessary to deliver high quality service. The project teams are supported by consistent process and tools to allow them to focus on thinking and solving client problems. Each project is reinforced and monitored for quality delivery by experts within the practice areas. Senior management fully supports the project teams to ‘do the right thing’ in delivering high-quality, successful projects.