Increase Data Center Capacity, Resiliency, and Virtualization Capabilities with Cisco Nexus Series of Switches

By Brian Molinari

data center capacity, data center resiliencyCompanies require data center solutions that enable them to capitalize on new technologies, gain efficiencies, reduce costs and extend the life of their investments. Historically, IT managers directed a significant portion of their budget to pay for idle backup links, enhancing reliability but failing to simultaneously increase bandwidth. Companies can now take advantage of new technologies to gain value from previously unused backup links, making better use of existing footprints while both increasing network capacity and enhancing reliability.
The Nexus series of switches is a new platform from Cisco Systems that offers Virtual Port Channel (VPC) technology. With VPC technology, redundant links for high availability can become active, forwarding traffic under normal operating conditions to add bandwidth capacity, improve resiliency, reduce support costs and energy consumption, improve service levels, and position the infrastructure for virtualization.

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OpenSky Infrastructure Services Practice Lead

Brian leads the Infrastructure Services Practice at OpenSky. This practice specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of infrastructure technologies (network, storage, computing, and virtualization) with a focus on data center strategy.  Brian has 24 years of experience delivering and supporting infrastructure solutions in enterprise environments. Prior to joining OpenSky in 2008, Brian worked for Travelers Insurance where he held many positions including senior director of network and data center infrastructure.