The Hidden Challenges of Public Cloud and SaaS Integration

By Brian Molinari

Identity and Access Management, IAM security

Reliance on cloud computing and other as-a-service solutions has revolutionized the scalability, cost-efficiency, and agility of IT environments, leading to impressive results in employee productivity, budgetary expenses, and product or service delivery.

Many executives assume that cloud adoption is a simple process, believing that moving workflows can be done with ease and security in the cloud is the same as on premises. In reality, there are dozens of considerations, challenges, and concerns that IT teams must address in order to take a business to the cloud.

This Whitepaper discusses:

  • Cloud Security – answering the question: “who controls the data?”
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) – how social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies expanded the need for new controls and protocols, including authentication
  • Technical Integration – how to manage integration points between on-premise and off-premise elements and cloud services
  • Build Challenges – moving beyond industry-established techniques for standardizing and provisioning cloud-based environments
  • Operations – handling the transition to the new day-to-day demands of supporting cloud services by building cohesive teams
  • Cloud Maturity – how to address the relatively low maturity of technologies that underlie cloud computing
  • Lighting the Shadows of Clouds – the importance of a clear understanding of the complexity of the public cloud

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Brain Molinari

Brian Molinari

OpenSky Infrastructure Services Practice Lead

Brian leads the Infrastructure Services Practice at OpenSky. This practice specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of infrastructure technologies (network, storage, computing, and virtualization) with a focus on data center strategy.  Brian has 24 years of experience delivering and supporting infrastructure solutions in enterprise environments. Prior to joining OpenSky in 2008, Brian worked for Travelers Insurance where he held many positions including senior director of network and data center infrastructure.