Healthcare Cybersecurity Themes 2015

And What To Do About Them

Authored by Mark Coderre

Whitepaper Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare is clearly a growing cyberattack target. To address the unique risks faced by the healthcare industry, a combination of people, information and technology must be employed.

This Whitepaper discusses the unique cybersecurity challenges that stem from healthcare’s particular characteristics, such as:

  • Incredibly sensitive and complete personal information
  • Unique Threat motives and IT assets
  • A complex identity ecosystem
  • De-identification of Research and Analytics

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John McDonald

Mark Coderre

National Practice Director of GRC and Security Services

Mark has more than 25 years experience in information security, primarily in the healthcare and insurance industries.  Before joining OpenSky, Coderre was the Executive Director of Security Strategy and Risk Management at Aetna. Under Coderre’s leadership, Aetna was named a winner of the CSO40 Awards in 2013 for its international GRC program, the top leader in Operational Risk Management during the 2014 EMC/RSA Archer summit, and earned an Identity Deployment of the Year award from the Liberty Alliance in 2008. Coderre himself was a finalist for the 2009 Information Security Executive of the Year program sponsored by Technology Executive Networks.