Many companies struggle to achieve the business goals of lowering costs and improving performance following an investment in the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) platform. Challenges may result from inadequate planning and design through a lack of experience in Cisco UCS operational hardening.

OpenSky has been successfully helping customers plan, design and implement virtual infrastructures using various technology platforms from different vendors across the server, storage and hypervisor marketplace for over 5 years. OpenSky has specific expertise in Cisco Unified Computing Systems and provides services for companies whether evaluating, planning, implementing or optimizing their UCS infrastructures.

OpenSky Planning and Design Services

OpenSky will leverage its knowledge and experience in design and implementing UCS platforms to construct scalable and organizationally aligned UCS designs for its clients.  During the course of these engagements, OpenSky will collaborate with clients to develop a detailed design document that will specify:

  • Physical and Logical Topology
  • Management Addressing and Chassis Detail
  • LAN Connectivity Design
  • SAN Connectivity Design
  • UCS Logical Configuration (Service Profile Design)
  • Naming Conventions
  • Virtualization Design Considerations
  • Hardware and Software Validation Testing Requirements
  • Software Planning Considerations

Download the UCS Planning and Design Service Overview (.pdf)

 OpenSky Operational Hardening

OpenSky is positioned to offer a wide array of Cisco UCS Operational Hardening services geared towards customers that need assistances with existing UCS deployments.  These services include the following:

  • Initial System Configuration and Testing
  • Operational Run Book Development
  • UCS Deployment Health-check  (Includes design validation, configuration review, performance analysis)
  • UCS Code Upgrades
  • UCS Fabric Interconnect Upgrades
  • Nexus 1000v Conversions
  • Storage Refresh Support
  • UCS Central Readiness Planning
  • UCS Service Profile Redesign and Optimization