Robust, Reliable and Secure Wireless Networks Critical for Business

Wireless networks in the enterprise have evolved from a convenient method of access to mission critical in many organizations.  According to Forrester Research, companies are challenged to “figure out how to create a wireless local area network (WLAN) that supports guest users, employees with their own devices who need access to critical company assets, employees with corporate-owned devices, legacy devices and voice over WLAN (VoWLAN). “

OpenSky understands the enterprise challenges include:

  • Resolving performance limitations of existing WLAN deployments
  • Improving security of company assets
  • Increasing productivity and business innovation
  • Managing the explosion of personally owned wireless devices
  • Overcoming a shortage of internal wireless expertise

OpenSky Expert Wireless Services

OpenSky provides vendor agnostic strategic guidance to help your organization design and implement a robust, reliable and secure wireless network.

OpenSky wireless services include:

Wireless Network Assessment – Assess capabilities, performance, security or a combination of the three in the current wireless environment.

Wireless Network Design – Develop designs that meet the business needs for a robust and secure wireless network.

Wireless Network Implementation – Implement  a wireless network design, providing vendor specific wireless expertise to ensure proper implementation.

Wireless Network Roadmap – Provide a vendor agnostic strategic approach to the design and implementation of wireless networks.

Managed WLAN Services –  Deliver ongoing maintenance of a wireless environment including periodic assessments/health checks and outsourcing of management tool monitoring and maintenance.