IT Transformation services are geared towards the creation of an “IT-as-a-Service” model, resulting in IT efficiency & effectiveness with an end goal of achieving business alignment. Our methodology takes a holistic view of IT and business services through a Process, Technology and People lifecycle management strategy. Consultants bring “hands-on” and practical experience in cross-functional IT and business disciplines. This unique approach provides our customers with real, experienced based solutions that are aligned with industry best practices and frameworks, and customized to fit your organization’s specific culture to ensure a successful implementation.

IT Transformation provides the critical link between IT and the business. There was a time when IT was considered to offer a “strategic advantage.”  That time has passed. The challenge today is to partner with the business and identify ways to offer IT services faster, cheaper and more reliably. “Cloud-based” services, self-serve, and other business-enabling solutions are now the touchstone for excellence. OpenSky can help you develop the optimum mix to support your business needs.

IT Strategy continue to be critical to all organizations. Without sound analysis, planning has no foundation on which to build success. With proper project/program analysis, sound plans with realistic timelines, resource requirements and budget can be built to ensure success. OpenSky has the expertise and the experience to help you identify and control risk throughout this process.

IT Governance is the process of managing the IT portfolio and services to achieve operational excellence. It is a process of definition, execution, analysis and improvement. Balancing resources to address new service demands, and execute overall operational and service management through formal processes is not a trivial undertaking. OpenSky can help provide definition and establish controls to help you support your business while managing seeming endless demands that can impact productivity and staff morale.

IT Process and Policy Management is where IT organizations get to differentiate themselves. IT Process Management ensures documented, repeatable and scalable instructions, utilized by both your IT Infrastructure (Technology) and your IT Resources (People) to enhance your service operations. OpenSky can help you develop, implement and adopt the processes and procedures that are appropriate for your organization. Each organization has unique requirements – the processes and procedure that are right for one organization may not work well for another. OpenSky’s experienced team can help you develop the “customized” appropriate mix for your organization. Process Management should enhance the service operation, not overwhelm it.

IT Cultural Transformation Management is focused on the people component of any new IT processes initiative.  All the players involved in the IT process must have a solid understanding of the goals and enhanced methods in order to increase adoption and achieve the full effect of the improvements. OpenSky’s cultural transformation management ensures understanding and compliance throughout your organization.