IT Supplier and Sourcing Management is a resource intensive activity and when done well the payback can be enormous. Many organizations don’t have the time or targeted expertise to perform labor intensive supply and sourcing functions. Often, enterprises find that their sourcing team may not have the technical expertise to aid in the “technology and financial” sourcing activities. Why be “out leveraged” by your vendors? OpenSky can help you develop and publish an RFI/RFP, select appropriate target vendors to match your culture and environment, manage the distribution and correlation of the multiple sourcing documents, handle follow-up questions, conduct reference interviews and assist with the vendor selection process through a formal due diligence process. OpenSky’s proven IT Supplier and Sourcing Management Services will even the playing field and ensure the appropriate outcome for your business.

  • RFI and RFPs- create and manage process
  • Selection and Due Diligence– determine appropriate vendor for needs and culture
  • Contract Negotiation- provide technical and business knowledge to obtain best ROI
  • Service Management for Suppliers– facilitate cooperation and integration within the entire IT service management environment