Enable Business Value Through IT Optimization

The business continues to ask for more from IT, new services, reduced cost of service, improved security to manage the new risks, a better approach to procuring and managing IT services, and a closer alignment with business priorities.

Many companies spend too much of their budget on running and maintaining versus innovating. That leaves little funding for investing in any of the essential themes that will provide true value for their company.   Investments in optimizing IT need to be prioritized and planned out carefully to maximize the benefits with a clear, actionable plan.

Investments need to be managed across a broad spectrum of choices to optimize Information Technology’s value to the business.  

OpenSky Optimization Service Areas and Benefits

OpenSky helps companies accelerate time to value and improve outcomes of their IT initiatives. OpenSky provides optimization services across seven major areas including:

  • Improving Data Center
  • Capitalizing on Cloud Computing
  • Optimizing Infrastructure Platforms
  • Ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Tightening security
  • Refining IT Operations
  • Enhancing IT Governance

The optimization services provide four primary benefits:

Cost Reduction – Most of the low hanging fruit has been addressed for cost reduction, so now care must be taken to make sure that unintended consequences do not impact operational efficiencies, security risks or business applications.

Performance Improvement – Proactive measures that provide better insight into systems and operational health, such as platform optimization, performance monitoring, and capacity planning.

Risk Mitigation (Security) – Optimization in this area includes technology, policies and disciplined governance to offset external threats.

Operational / SLA Improvement – IT operation managers are being tasked to establish standard processes (ITIL/ITSM), as well as optimize the speed, efficiency and accuracy through new tools and automation of processes.

IT Optimization Action Plan Service

IT Optimization Action Plan Summary

  • Basic IT Optimization service package – 4-5 weeks
  • Executive Sponsor Session
  • 2 Workshops for IT Optimization Initiatives
  • Collaboration and Validation at Each Step
  • Prioritized Recommendations & Action Plan
  • Business Impact and Investment View
  • Project Summaries with Cost-Benefit
  • Additional Initiatives – 1 week duration each
  • Cross Initiative Perspective & Coordination

IT Optimization Action Plan Work Products

  • Project Charter
  • Pre-engagement Information Request
  • Weekly Status Report
  • Discovery and Observations Report – prioritized observations for each IT Optimization initiative.
  • Final Action Plan Presentation – prioritized recommendations, action plan, and project summaries with cost-benefit analysis. Recommendations with color coded impact and level of effort to prioritize the list. Action Plan to organize the optimization activities and projects on a timeline.