Cell Phone Data / Voice Usage

Does your organization know what it’s spending on cellular voice and data usage? Do you have a business process in place that takes actionable steps to reduce those costs? Are you looking for a quick and effective way to cut costs in your organization? We found that most companies have an established process for reviewing traditional telecommunication contracts, but cellular contracts are often overlooked due to the complexity of usage and invoicing.

Reduce Cellular Costs 10-30%

OpenSky has found that taking a comprehensive approach to optimizing cellular services can result in 10-30% reduction in costs. By adding transparency to your cellular costs and working with your business, technical, and purchasing teams to negotiate contracts we can help your organization control spend associated with decentralized departmental solutions. Establishing a business policy that is consistent and service-based is the first step toward realizing significant savings.

Risk Reward Pricing

OpenSky provides flexible billing terms for our Cellular Expense Management Services by offering risk and reward pricing to some customers. Under this arrangement, we lower your organizational risk by deferring payment for services until cost savings are achieved. Our services are also available on a time and materials basis. All engagements are governed by a statement of work that must be agreed upon by both parties.

Service Overview