Companies interested in taking advantage of cloud computing to benefit their business have a number of options and challenges.

Each company may benefit differently from new technology options. Understanding the enterprise goals and process and then mapping the available cloud service categories along value and maturity lines will help create a strategic roadmap of cloud services to add to an enterprise IT portfolio.

Challenges evolve from accurately mapping company needs to potential SaaS, IaaS or custom built solutions and then effectively integrating with existing technologies. If hosted solutions are chosen, understanding provider maturity and service level will effect future benefits. All cloud computing solutions require integration with complex landscape of existing infrastructure as well as enhanced security considerations.

Understanding Complex IT Infrastructures and Security are Key

OpenSky Technical Business Consulting experience can assist in creating a strategic plan for leveraging cloud technologies and support evaluation of potential service providers.

Expert Infrastructure and Security consultants understand all layers of an enterprise IT infrastructure and complex risk management and security practices. Experience delivering over 500 projects to Fortune 500 clients and a portfolio of consultants which average over a decade of technology and industry experience are a valuable asset to an enterprise looking to implement effective SaaS and IaaS solutions.