Companies are Overpaying for Unused Capacity

Companies are looking to control costs and are specifically targeting a reduction in IT spending.   Capacity management offers significant cost savings but is challenging to implement effectively.

The current approach to capacity management is not adequate to meet operational challenges posed by virtual infrastructures, internal clouds, and the service-oriented data center.  These new dynamic and resource-sharing IT infrastructures require a proactive approach to capacity planning in order to ensure effective use of shared platforms.

Enterprises struggle to effectively estimate IT demand which adversely impacts budget planning and delivery lead-times.  In addition, a lack of standard system modeling and sizing and tuning practices often results in over-sized solutions.  The lack of standard metrics and proactive capacity monitoring also leads to increased risk of outages and performance issues.

OpenSky Helps Ensure You Spend Money on the Right Things

OpenSky’s experienced consultants will help deploy the appropriate Capacity Management program based on your company’s needs and culture.  An effective capacity management program will provide:

  • Improved visibility into current and planned capacity as well as associated costs
  • Reduced outages due to insufficient capacity
  • Reduced threat of service degradation through better resource management
  • Increased IT savings by minimizing areas of unused capacity
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Effective capacity management helps companies utilize the budget and systems available in the most effective manner and proactively ensures that an IT infrastructure will meet both current and future business demands.