OpenSky Infrastructure consultants average over a decade of experience working with complex IT environments.  Our experience and services cover all foundational technology components of an enterprise infrastructure.  OpenSky is able to assist corporations with a specific infrastructure technology implementation or complex initiatives that require expertise across a number of infrastructure technology areas.

OpenSky organizes its infrastructure services into five categories.

OpenSky Infrastructure Org

Network Infrastructure services cover: Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, External Connectivity (Interne/B2B/DMZ/Remote Access), Wireless Data Networks, and Voice Networks

Storage and Computing services cover: Storage platforms and Storage Area Networks, Data Management Services, Computing hardware, and Operating Systems

Virtualization services cover: Server based computing (Citrix/RDS), Server Virtualization (VMware/XensServer/Hyper-V), Desktop Virtualization (XenDesktop, View), and Application Virtualization

Infrastructure Applications services cover: Infrastructure Management, Application Platforms, Directory Services, Contact Center and Collaboration Platforms

Data Center and Cloud Integration services include a number of offerings that span across all foundational infrastructure technology areas