Web Applications Continue to be a Prime Target for Attacks

The rapid development and deployment of enterprise web applications, combined with an increase in access to sensitive information at the application layer, presents significant risks to organizations. The many layers of web applications that continue to evolve allows for an increase in security weakness, including inadvertent misconfiguration, weak authentication, or insufficient error handling. The risk of sensitive information leakage via web applications and their supporting services is greater than ever.


OpenSky’s Expertise Uncovers Security Weaknesses

OpenSky offers the Web Application Penetration Testing service to assist companies to discover and mitigate security weakness and vulnerabilities related to web applications. We employ a proven approach to dynamic web application penetration testing based on leading practices, such as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) testing methodology.


Our consultants also help clients understand the related business risks and the potential impact to the organization in regard to compliance, reputation, financial loss, legal requirements, competition, and customer loss. The results of these assessments provide vital information to establish leading security practices and proactively manage risk.


OpenSky’s Web Application Assessment Service includes:


  • Automated and manual processes that include commercial and open source tools to identify vulnerabilities, such as those included in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).
  • Manual testing to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses that may not be discovered through automated testing.
  • Testing from multiple user roles plus unauthenticated testing, to evaluate security boundaries and permissions.
  • Analysis of findings to determine and document information regarding risk severity level, systems impacted, and business risk summary for each finding.
  • Practical recommendations for remediation and remediation effort level for each finding.
  • A management overview of services performed, intended to summarize performed activities, findings and recommendations to management or business partners.