Unauthorized Access to Company Information

As enterprises integrate social media into strategic business initiatives, understanding its impact on security, privacy, identity, and risk management is paramount. Companies struggle to balance litigation, reputation, and compliance risks with the business need to be active in online social communities.

Companies must remain current with the evolving use of social media in addition to applicable laws and technology tools that are available to mitigate risks.  Laws including the Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011, the Do Not Track Me Online Act of 2011 and the Social Networking Privacy Act dictate standards that require corporate compliance.  Security vendors continue to develop tools that companies can implement to mitigate some social media risks.

OpenSky Helps Develop Secure Corporate Social Media Programs

Corporate executives must balance the risks associated with the use of social networking platforms to attract and retain talent and customers, and leverage social networking technologies as a marketing channel.

OpenSky Security experts have experience that can assist organizations in creating a leading practices corporate social media security strategy.  OpenSky will assess the risks that are applicable to your organization and establish a formal program of safeguards to reduce your potential vulnerabilities.

Example Risks


Potential Safeguard

Social engineering attacks against the organization’s social networking user base Establish strict policies for workforce members who participate in social networking websites and blog
Workforce members misrepresenting the company through unauthorized public statements or remarks Enforce the organization’s “Code of Conduct” for communications related to the company or to any company personnel
Exposure of confidential information through the use of social networking Block prohibited social networking websites and external email websites on the corporate network
Using social networking data mining to screen candidates and using an employee’s social networking activities as the basis for termination or disciplinary action Consult with legal counsel on the use of social networking for employment practice