How Effective is Your Information Security Program?

Can an attacker gain access to your critical business systems and data? Moreover, would your organization detect the attacks or intrusion and respond appropriately?

Enterprises are exposed to constantly evolving security threats from a multitude of sources. Security breaches can result in significant financial losses and reputation damage. If a breach does occur, the business impact is often directly related to the speed and quality of intrusion detection and the efficiency of incident response.

One of the best methods of validating the effectiveness of existing security controls and assessing intrusion detection and incident response capabilities is for experienced security professionals to periodically conduct penetration testing.

OpenSky Improves Your Security Awareness, Intrusion Detection, and Incident Response Capability

We leverage the extensive skills and experience of our qualified consultants, in addition to the use of industry standard tools and processes, to assess the impact of vulnerabilities in human, procedural and technical defenses.

OpenSky Penetration Testing experts perform deliberate and focused attacks designed to determine what a skilled and dedicated attacker might reasonably accomplish. Typically, the enterprise’s knowledge of the test in progress is limited to select senior management in order to objectively evaluate how the organization detects and responds to attacks and intrusions during the project. OpenSky also employs social engineering testing, in addition to technical testing, to expose risks related to weaknesses in the organization’s security awareness program.

OpenSky’s Penetration Testing projects can contribute to satisfying the compliance requirements of many security regulations and standards (e.g. HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, PCI, etc.). These projects can also be used to demonstrate to customers and business partners that the organization is properly securing systems and data. The results of penetration testing projects are often able to motivate funding allocation to accomplish security projects.

OpenSky can customize a scope of testing to include the following activities:

  • Internet-based Testing
  • Intrusion Detection and Incident Response Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Physical Testing
  • Internal Testing
  • Wireless Testing
  • Custom Testing of specific controls and environments