The Need for Identity Access Management is Growing in Today’s Enterprises

A strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) program is a key component in achieving operational efficiency, managing risk, and enhancing data security. In addition, a strong IAM program provides benefits such as managing identities for internal and external corporate entities, and not just managing identities for employee access purposes.

Any IAM program implementation faces challenges due to the complexities of  integrating distinct domains and practices, a lack of community standards, innovation that builds a legacy of disparate solutions, and an inconsistent vision for the implementation of enterprise-wide protocols and identity management models.  Key concerns may include:

  • Centralized Identity Management
  • IAM Workflow Management
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Self-Service Access
  • End User Process and Procedure
  • Documentation Creation
  • Single/Reduced Sign On
  • Streamlining of New ID creation
  • Delegated User Administration Management
  • Reduced Number of IDs
  • Logging and Reporting

Identity and Access Management Program Review

The IAM Program Review service is a quick efficient way to evaluate the current IAM practices and tools, review disparate solutions in place today, document the shortcomings of current state solutions, and produce prioritized observations and recommendations and an actionable plan. The goal of the service is to leverage current data stores, tools, and processes where practical, as well as identify forward-thinking opportunities for scalable solutions that support a centralized IAM model. Our approach gives our clients a comprehensive understanding of the position of their IAM program, whether internal or external, relative to standard and leading practices. The final result is a prioritized action plan and roadmap of initiatives to enhance the IAM program in order to meet compliance, risk and cost containment objectives.