Cyber Security Trends 2017

Whitepaper_CyberSecurityTrends2017_20170301_ENfinal_001Market trends from leading security analysts and consultants at TÜV Rheinland, OpenSky, and OpenSky UK.

What do new technologies and the ever-increasing cyber threat hold in store for business and the public sector in 2017? How should organizations be preparing themselves? What should IT security leaders be doing as a priority in the coming year? These are the questions we asked our leading security analysts and consultants at OpenSky to tackle.

This whitepaper will give IT security leaders the opportunity to consider the following trends:

  1. The force of the attacks is increasing. Who is responsible?
  2. The Internet of Things requires mandatory security standards.
  3. 2017 will be the year of cloud security solutions.
  4. The new perfect couple: IAM and Cloud.
  5. Preferred targets: Patient records and medical devices.
  6. Managed security services: You won´t protect your organization adequately without them.
  7. Industry 4.0: Integrating Functional Safety and Cyber Security
  8. Key Factor Endpoint Security.
  9. The end of the silo mentality? eGRC and IT GRC are coming together.

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In recent years, our clients have demonstrated an increased sensitivity to monitoring threats and are growing cyber security budgets in response. Our elite team of security analysts at TÜV Rheinland and OpenSky continue to see opportunities to optimize our clients’ cyber security practices addressing the ever-evolving complexity of digital transformation and its escalating cyber security challenges.

How can organizations protect themselves today and better prepare for tomorrow? Our Cyber Security Trends 2017 from TÜV Rheinland and OpenSky helps to address this question and highlight what cyber threats our clients should anticipate in 2017.

Frank Luzsicza EVP, Information and Communication Technology  TÜV Rheinland Group