Cyber Security Trends 2016

Cyber Security Trends

Market trends from leading security analysts and consultants at TÜV Rheinland, OpenSky, and OpenSky UK.

What do new technologies and the ever increasing cyber threat hold in store for business and the public sector in 2016? How should organizations be preparing themselves? What should IT security leaders be doing as a priority in the coming year? These are the questions we asked our leading security analysts and consultants at OpenSky to tackle.

This whitepaper will give IT security leaders the opportunity to consider the following trends:

  1. Cybercrime becomes easier and more lucrative
  2. Connected everything fuels the emergence of new attack vectors
  3. The cloud forces new and emerging operating models
  4. Information security goes beyond simple compliance
  5. Mounting pressure for adequate data protection and data security defines public debate
  6. Incident response becomes business as usual
  7. Organizations increasingly need to use Managed Security Services
  8. Industrial Control System (ICS) security becomes more important than ever
  9. Cyber threat intelligence becomes essential for information security

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“The most important thing is to anticipate such attacks with threat intelligence and establish solid security incident response processes so that operations can be kept on track despite an attack or can be resumed as quickly as possible after an attack.”

– Olaf Siemens, Executive Vice President ICT & Business Solutions at TÜV Rheinland.