Cyber Security Trends 2015

Sophisticated Cyber Attacks, Cybersecurity Trends 2015An International Outlook from OpenSky and TÜV Rheinland

This outlook covers seven cyber security trends, including:

1. Compliance: Pressure on Businesses is Mounting 

2. Advanced Persistent Threat (APTs): More Businesses Calling on Outside Specialists

3. The International Patient: Medical Device Cyber security 

4. The Internet of Things (IoT): A New Dimension in Security Risks

5. Industry 4.0: Security Enforcement Is Not Optional

6. Connected Cars: Connectivity more crucial than horsepower 

7. The Cloud: Expansion of Public and Private

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“The continued proliferation of sophisticated cyber attacks at every level of the supply chain is of major international concern. At the same time, consumers are rapidly increasing opportunities for attack with demand for connection to the Internet of Things.”  These are just a few examples of trends that underlie the global security landscape and will drive consumer and business decisions in 2015

Olaf Siemens, Global Vice President of Information Security at TÜV Rheinland