Improve Security of Cloud Deployments

Organizations leverage Cloud services in a variety of service models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and deployment models (Private, Public, Hybrid) in order to reduce costs and increase speed to market.  As more  personal, regulated and corporate proprietary information is placed in the cloud, concerns are increasing about how to secure that sensitive information and still enable the business.

Companies are dealing with a range of obstacles when securing sensitive data in the cloud including:  ensuring that their various cloud providers are appropriately protecting their data, thwarting and detecting cyber criminals, managing insider threats, dealing with legal liability, managing lack of standardization and lack of support, and adequately securing applications.

Holistic Cloud Security Assessment Services and Benefits

OpenSky provides a range of consulting services to improve the security of a company’s cloud deployment.

Cloud Computing Security Governance Framework Assessment – OpenSky helps establish and enhance existing governance frameworks to keep you in compliance including risk tolerance level setting, policy and standard development, and defining roles and responsibilities.

Virtualization Security Assessment – Virtual data centers are often deployed quickly without proper focus on security planning.  OpenSky will assess hypervisor, communications, virtual network, guest to guest and application security to identify and prioritize risks for remediation.

Cloud Security Service Provider Vendor Assessment – OpenSky helps illustrate how your data flows through the environment, where it is stored, how it is segmented, and assesses the cloud service provider to understand how they handle access to their systems and provide protection against the vulnerabilities of multi-tenancy.

Cloud Compliance Readiness Assessment –  OpenSky assesses virtualized and cloud computing environments including understanding multi-tenancy, mixed-mode, controls management and overlapping industry requirements for compliance in order to help your company meet industry regulations and deal with fraud disputes while using the cloud. This service includes identification of existing cloud service use and which services are targets for leveraging the cloud.